Siamgda - Tremors - CD

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'like the earth, we are cracking under pressure, our consciousness is giving birth to unpleasant and potentially harmful emotions like anxiety, fear, and self-destruction. however, such moments of being totally out of control also serve as a reminder that we are alive, vulnerable and in need of care and attention. 'tremors' has been inspired by the inner turmoils that shake all of us. when powerful forces come haunting and try to uproot us, it is up to us to keep calm, bearing in mind that the only sure things in life are impermanence and death.'

siamgda's album 'tremors' is an amalgamation of eastern and western musical ingredients, presented in this outstanding artist's very own experimental and unique style. a hypnotic blend of tribal drumming, ethnic sounds, indian classical elements and electronic noises combined into an aural oneness without borders. ambient soundscapes and processed voices are carried by precisely set rhythmic loops keeping the listener's mind and body in a state of intense trance. 'tremors' represents a one-of-a-kind work of art where references to like-minded artists as muslimgauze and esplendor geométrico might be entirely appropriate.

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Siamgda Berlin, Germany

'the way I see, feel and hear life to be - colourful, mystical, rough, noisy, dark, meditative...

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